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Review | MatildaWriter- Roald Dahl

I must admit that this book is bombastic, written by Roald Dahl. A five years old girl, called Matilda, is the protagonist of this whole book.
The novel began by delineating the very early age story of Matilda. She was ignored by her parents inspite of having extraordinary qualities in her innerself. Matilda learnt to read newspapers and magazines by the age of three all by herself. She finished reading all the children books from the nearest library and also read some adult books of Hemingway, Orwell, Dickens and so on suggested by the kind hearted librarian. She can calculate numbers and accomplish multiplication all by her mind without using calculator by the age of 5.. But her parents were unaware about all these and they never pay attention to her. 

One day, she met with Miss Honey, her class teacher in the kindergarten. Miss Honey was so adorable to everyone that Matilda was admired by her at the very first day of her school. But the Headmistress Miss Trunchbull was a angry furious one who were hated by every students.. By and by Matilda come to known about her great power and she started using them for doing things to be succeded. The end of the story was a little bit surprising and it was a happy ending for the reader. 

#Personal_Reaction:- I have completed the 232 pages just within two days and I was totally spellbound by knowing the little girls clean wit.She was like an angel who never adored by her parents. But she has a lot of patience and a lot of intelligence to handle bad circumstances and teach a lesson to the delinquents. She can achieve things by the strange power of telekinesis which she used to solve some cases. This book is full of funny and heart-touching events. The rader can not stop him/herself from reading the next pages while completing some pages. I strongly recommend this book for all of you who are in trouble, who are in depression.. Plaese have a look on this amazing book, you will not be befooled..

Book- Matilda
Writer- Roald Dahl
Illustrated by- Quentin Blake
Puffin Books

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