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Radically Content Being Satisfied in an Endlessly Dissatisfied World By: Jamie Varon | Review

Radically Content
Being Satisfied in an Endlessly Dissatisfied World
By: Jamie Varon
ISBN: 9781631068478
ISBN-10: 1631068474
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 208
Published: 12th April 2022
Publisher: Quarto US
Dimensions (cm): 21.6 x 15.2 x 2.54
Weight (kg): 0.57

Radically Content Being Satisfied in an Endlessly Dissatisfied World By: Jamie Varon | Review
Radically Content
Being Satisfied in an Endlessly Dissatisfied World
By: Jamie Varon

Introduction: A Case for Contentment Part One: Dissatisfaction 1. I'll Be Happy When 2. Shaming 3. Conventional Success 4. A Dissatisfied World 5. Our Own Worst Enemies 6. Deserving 7. Earning Worth Part Two: Unlearning 8. Unlearn "Good Enough" 9. Unlearn Guilt 10. Unlearn the Shoulds 11. Unlearn Sacrifice 12. Unlearn Timelines 13. Unlearn Waiting Part Three: The Hustle Antidote 14. Antidote: Positive Routine 15. Antidote: Live For You 16. Antidote: Self-Love 17. Antidote: Go Toward The Good 18. Antidote: Gentleness 19. Antidote: Intention Part Four: Enjoying 20. Feel Good First 21. Notice Your Life 22. Love Your Future Self 23. The Balance Of Ambition & Contentment 24. Be Your Best Friend 25. Remember Fun Part Five: The Satisfied, Content Life 26. Find Your Why 27. Keep Your Promises 28. Action Cures Comparison 29. Discipline Is Freeing 30. Show Your Effort 31. The Power Of Rest 32. Get Experimental Conclusion

Being Dissatisfied Is Normal

MOST OF US HAVE CONVINCED OURSELVES that dissatisfaction is a correct response to our current life. Dissatisfaction becomes our motivation to creating our happiness. Sometimes our perpetual dissatisfaction can feel like the natural conclusion for a life that we feel isn't living up to its potential. In many ways, contentment can feel like giving up. Settling. Who wants to be satisfied if you can be striving? Crush it! Never give up! Make it! Never stop! No bad days! Good vibes only! You'll sleep when you're dead!

For years, I was assured that my dissatisfaction was actually at the crux of my drive. If I hike myself, won't I just give up on all my endeavors? Pursuing, achieving, proving, striving all of that felt so much more urgent than beinghappy, or content.

I didn't have the "Tight" body. I wasn't yet in the career I had dreamed of. I wasn't the best. I didn't have romantic prospects coming at me constantly. I hadn't built any kind of empire.

My dissatisfaction was the least I could offer for having not fulfilled the dreams of my younger self. For not 'measuring up." Dissatisfaction in myself and my life wasn't a conclusion I came to on my own like I believed. It was a learned conclusion A socialized feeling. It was conditioning.

There's a lot of money to be made off of people feeling bad about themselves. When there is an ideal and a standard that is fed to us all from a very young age, we will instinctively want to become it-and if a company seems to have the solution, we'll buy it.

Cultivating a dissatisfied world is a very profitable endeavor. What moneycan be madeoff satisfied, content people? Not much.

But our self-doubi? Our perpetual malaise? The conditioning to keep up with others? Now, that's a goldmine.

If the ideal is an over moving target, even better. More money More problems to create that they can sell the solutions for. This isn't a conspiracy theory. It's the basis for modern advertising, T was a marketing student, and they teach this in consumer behav for. They call the problems your "pain points and persuade you into thinking that their specific product can counteract it. In creating a "need" for their product, they've also created an issue for people to internalize. And in a capitalist society, that means a lot of pain points that were tranufactured to create a need for products we probably don't need at all.

Bocauso products and created to provide solutions, sometimes the reason for the solution has to be created, too. Without any knowledge that this disaatisfaction is being pumped into the very air we breathe, it's hard to know what is yours to carry and what is something that has been ingrained over the years.

It didn't occur to me that I could think any differently, I know that I fell bad. I knew that my depression was overwhelming, a sinking blackness that would have me disassociate from reality for weeks at a time. I knew that I did not like myselr.

But I didn't know another woman in cxistence who didn't also

feel the same way as me.

So, I thought it was normal.

Everywhere I went, headlines from magazines would jump out at mo. Solutions for your love life, body, and life "problems" some I didn't have, but managed to adopt just from the exposure

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